Our history

  • Mondarom SA was established in 1980 in Geneva and began carrying out research, production and the sale of flavours and aromatic products from its first headquarters in Mezzonico (CH).
  • In 1995 we moved to new headquarters in Bironico (CH), becoming part of Groven SA.
  • In 2013 we changed our name to Mondaron-Groven SA and began collaborating with Brooklyn By Perfetti, the research and development division of the group Perfetti Van Melle Usa.
  • On 29 June 2017 we became part of Selegroven AG and are now taking on our new name as Division Mondarom.

Who we are

Mondarom, a Switzerland-based company that is part of the Perfetti Van Melle group, is creating and producing flavours for the confectionary sector since 1980.

Our method

Each day we transform over 500 base ingredients into 250 flavours that give a taste to sweets, chewing gum and soft drinks around the world.


Gert Heij, plant manager Division Mondarom, studied analytical and organic chemistry, then chemical engineering...

Our flavors are in